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Starting a firm with one person at the helm may seem complicated. It means the person must ensure the financial burden. It also includes making strategic decisions without assistance from others. Instead of trying to become a one-man army, many people make a team of two or more people to conduct business with more efficiency. A team can help the business grow through the ups and downs. It is the reason why partnership firms have become popular. In a partnership firm, the business has two or more persons at the helm. They share the profits and losses according to the predetermined ratio, irrespective of the circumstances.

LLP or limited liability partnership model requires registration in compliance with the Partnership Act passed in 1932. You must get partnership firm registration for the smooth functioning of the business. Our experts can help you navigate through the legal complications associated with acquiring the license and getting legal recognition. Our expert guidance can ensure you complete partnership firm registration online without facing hassles.


What is the Documents requirement for partnership firm registration online?

Registration of partnership firm is simpler with expert guidance from our team of professionals. You must apply with the following documents:

  • A copy of the partnership deed

  • Proof of identity with the documents like an Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, passport, Voter ID, and passport

  • Receipt of electricity or water bill of the business premises

  • Proof of the rented or owned property used for office use

Why Choose Legal Dev for Partnership Firm Registration Process ?

We have a team of experts to make the partnership firm registration process less complex. Our experts can guide you through the compliance angle. Our Partnership Firm Registration Company can help you prepare and submit the document needed to complete the process without errors.

Let's Clear All the Doubts !

  • When should you apply for partnership firm registration?

    You must register for a partnership license after forming the company. A reputed Partnership Firm Registration Service can help with the entire process to make it complication free.

  • How to choose the name of the partnership firm?

    When you choose a company, name try not to include words indicating the approval or support from the government. Only when you get written consent from the government you can add such words to your company's name.

  • Is registering the name of the partnership possible?

    It is not possible to protect the identity of the firm name. You can try to make the name secure by applying for trademark registration.

  • What is the capital needed to start the partnership firm?

    You require only the deposit capital to start the partnership firm. Try to maintain the current bank account balance as indicated by the bank guidelines. You have no specific requirements like the private limited company registration.

  • Why choose us?

    Legal Dev Online Partnership Firm Registration Service offers guidance and support to get the license. Our experts can assist to make the process error-free and simpler. You can comply with the requirements and get the license without delay.