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Complete NBFC Company Registration with Professional Assistance to Run A Microfinance Business in India

Financial crunch can affect people at unexpected times. Getting a loan can help you tide over financial problems. However, small businesses and homemakers cannot access loans from banks due to not having a steady income. A microfinance institution or MFI can come to the rescue in such cases.

The Companies Statue of 2013 has provided guidelines to establish microfinance institutions in India. Such companies run as non-banking finance companies in the country. You must complete NBFC registration to provide loans. Such institutions can involve a limited range of financial activities.

When your business has NBFC company registration, you can approve small loans under one lakh Indian rupees to people or small businesses. Small businesses can depend on a microfinance institution to meet their financial requirements. When you get the license with expert assistance, your business can become a successful microfinance institution.

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Documents Required at the Time of Filing NBFC Registration

  • A copy of the PAN card of all promoters and directors

  • Identity proof

  • Address proof

  • Photos of promoters or directors

  • Ownership or occupation proof of lease or rental agreement of the registered office

  • For rented property, NOC from the owner

We help you submit all the documents needed by the state. With our expert NBFC Company Registration Service, you can complete the process without facing hassles.

Why Choose Legal Dev for NBFC Registration Service?

Many small businesses depend on microfinance institutions for a loan. It has resulted in the rise of such financial institutions. We assist you in the NBFC Registration Process to collect and submit all the necessary documents. We have a transparent approach to completing the NBFC Registration Service. Our expert team can clarify all the doubts to complete the registration without hurdles.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • What is the importance of microfinance in India?

    NBFC Registration in India is on the increase due to the high significance of microfinance institutions. Such institutions can generate income to overcome poverty. Loans from microfinance businesses can help women from rural areas. It can promote health and education to uplift socially backward communities.

  • Should your business get an NBFC registration?

    A business providing loans or advances must complete NBFC Registration to operate in India. A local authority involved in the acquisition of equities, stocks, debt, or other marketable securities must get the registration before commencing their business.

  • Who provides the NBFC license?

    The Registrar of Companies has the authority to issue NBFC licenses to concerned businesses when they comply with the guidelines suggested in the RBI Act of 1934.

  • What is the difference between a bank and an NBFC?

    NBFC can run without acquiring a bank license. An NBFC company can provide most of the services like giving a loan to customers. NBFC registration complies with the Indian Companies Act passed in 1956. However, banks have registration under 1949, Banking Regulation Act.

  • Why choose us?

    We have an expert team helping you apply for NBFC Registration Company. Our team of experts has the skill and experience in getting the license without delay. We have a reputation as the best NBFC License Registration Service offering guidance to get a license without hurdles.