Trademark Application Service for MSME Registration

Get Trademark for Your MSME with Professional Assistance to Safeguard Your Intellectual Property

Most companies apply for trademark registration to establish their brand identity. It prevents people from taking the trademark for their benefit. Registering for a trademark can prevent others from accessing the intellectual property that distinguishes the business from others. MSME (Ministry of Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises) allows people to start a business. Such small business enterprises can also register for a trademark. The MSME Udyog Aadhaar registration started by the government of India allows Trademark Registration for MSME businesses to promote the growth of small enterprises. You can register for a trademark to distinguish your business by paying a small amount.

The process of registration may seem confusing and complicated. We offer the best MSME Trademark Registration Service to make the entire process hassle-free. You get all information needed to complete the registration process. You get legal protection for your brand name, symbol, or logo in India. You can register the trademark for less price compared to other trademark registration.


Documents Required to Complete Trademark Registration For MSME

When you apply for trademark registration, it makes you the legal owner of the trademark. It means no other person has the right to use your trademark without getting your permission. We offer you MSME Trademark Registration Service to ensure you get the legal rights for the trademark. It can safeguard your trademark from other people. You can take legal action against people trying to copy your trademark. The document needs to apply for Trademark Registration Service for MSME includes:

  • The proof of address of the applicant

  • The partnership deed or certificate of incorporation

  • Address proof of your company

  • Copy of the trademark (name, symbol, phrase, or logo)

  • A copy of the MSME Udyog registration certificate

Why Choose Legal Dev for MSME Trademark Registration in India?

Understanding the class to apply for the Trademark Registration MSME increases the chances of application acceptance. According to the NICE Classification System, you can find forty-five various classes. The first thirty-four classes are for the products and the rest for services. Applying under the wrong class or failing to apply under the relevant class can lead to rejection. At Legal Dev, we provide professional assistance to avoid such mistakes. We ensure you apply for the trademark under the ideal category without errors. It prevents the risk of rejection and unnecessary delays.

The complicated nature of the application filing can make you feel confused. Our MSME Trademark Registration experts take the time to help you understand the process and apply for a trademark in an ideal manner. You will feel comfortable talking to our professional team. We handle all documentation to ensure you enjoy a seamless process. We provide information regarding the registration process to avoid doubts, concerns, or delays.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • How long does it take to get MSME Trademark registration?

    The MSME Trademark Registration in India can take up to eighteen months. Hence, entrepreneurs must consider applying for trademark registration early. They can apply for it when they begin their MSME journey.

  • Is the trademark registration valid for all types of goods and services?

    The registration of trademarks remains distinctive to the services and goods they represent. Trademark registration is specific to the product or service. It remains under the specific class of services or goods they represent. Therefore, the trademark registration remains valid for the entire class of services or goods it represents.

  • Is the trademark registration completed in India has validity all over the world?

    Trademark registration has a territorial nature. Therefore, the trademark obtained in India has validity only in the country and not abroad. To get a global trademark, you must apply for the trademark in specific countries to get the necessary protection.

  • How long does the trademark registration validity last?

    The registered trademark has a validity of ten years from the filing date of the trademark registration application. You must take steps to renew the trademark within the renewal period to get continuous legal protection.

  • Why choose us?

    We are professionals with experience in helping you submit the MSME Trademark application for registration. Our team can provide information and guidance to complete the process without hassles.