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RERA Registration

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RERA Registration

RERA Registration in India

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) is a significant legislative framework in India aimed at regulating and promoting transparency in the real estate sector.

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What is RERA Registration?

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) is a significant legislative framework in India aimed at regulating and promoting transparency in the real estate sector. Enacted to protect the interests of homebuyers and promote fair play in the real estate industry, RERA has introduced several provisions to bring about accountability, efficiency, and transparency.

RERA Definition:

RERA, or the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, is a central legislation that came into effect on May 1, 2017. It seeks to establish a regulatory authority for the real estate sector in each state and union territory of India. The primary objective is to ensure the orderly growth and development of the real estate market while safeguarding the interests of homebuyers.

RERA Registration:

One of the key aspects of RERA is the mandatory registration of real estate projects and agents. All real estate developers must register their projects with the respective state RERA authority before advertising or selling. This includes both residential and commercial projects, ensuring that all relevant details are disclosed to the public.


Benefits of RERA Registration

1. Consumer Protection:

RERA plays a crucial role in safeguarding the interests of homebuyers. By making RERA registration mandatory, the act ensures that developers provide accurate and timely information about their projects, preventing fraudulent practices and misleading advertisements.

2. Transparency:

RERA enhances transparency in the real estate sector by requiring developers to provide comprehensive details about their projects, including layout plans, approvals, project completion timelines, and financial details. This information is made available to the public through the RERA portal.

3. Project Delivery:

RERA imposes strict regulations on project timelines and completion schedules. Developers are obligated to adhere to the committed timelines, ensuring that homebuyers receive possession of their properties as per the agreed-upon terms.

4. Accountability:

The registration process under RERA holds developers accountable for the quality and specifications promised in their projects. This accountability extends to the maintenance of common areas and addressing grievances of homebuyers.

5. Dispute Resolution:

RERA establishes a dispute resolution mechanism to address grievances and disputes between developers and homebuyers. This mechanism aims to provide a quick and efficient resolution process, reducing the burden on the judicial system.


Consumer Protection and Transparency

Consumer Protection and Transparency in Real Estate through RERA Registration:

1. Mandatory Project Registration:

RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) makes it compulsory for real estate developers to register their projects with the regulatory authority before advertising or selling. This registration process involves the submission of detailed project information, including approvals, timelines, and specifications.

2. Transparent Project Disclosure:

RERA mandates developers to provide transparent and detailed information about their projects on the official RERA portal. This includes project layouts, plans, carpet area details, and the status of necessary approvals.

3. Escrow Accounts for Fund Management:

RERA requires developers to deposit a percentage of project funds in dedicated escrow accounts. These accounts are separate from the developers' personal accounts and are earmarked solely for the specific project.

4. Dispute Resolution Mechanism:

RERA plays a pivotal role in resolving disputes between developers and consumers. The act establishes a dedicated mechanism for dispute resolution, providing a quick and efficient process to address grievances.

Categories of RERA Registration

1. Individual Registration: Who Needs It:
  • Real estate agents or brokers involved in facilitating the sale or purchase of properties.
  • Individuals engaging in real estate transactions as intermediaries must obtain RERA individual registration. This involves submitting personal and professional details, including qualifications and experience in the real estate sector.
2. Project Registration: Who Needs It:
  • Real estate developers or builders undertaking the development of new projects.
  • - All projects with an area exceeding 500 square meters or more than eight apartments must be mandatorily registered under RERA.
  • - Developers need to provide comprehensive details about the project, including land title, layout plans, approvals, timelines, and financial aspects during the registration process.

Eligibility Criteria for RERA Registration

1. Project Size:
  • - Criteria: All real estate projects exceeding 500 square meters of land area or those comprising more than eight apartments are eligible for RERA registration.
  • - Rationale: - This criterion ensures that even smaller projects fall under the regulatory framework, promoting transparency and consumer protection across a wide spectrum of real estate developments.
2. Turnover Limit for Registration:
  • - Criteria: Developers with an annual turnover below a specified limit may be exempt from RERA registration in some states.
  • - Rationale:Intended to accommodate smaller developers and focus regulatory efforts on larger projects where the impact on consumers is potentially more significant.
3. Developer's Track Record:
  • - Criteria: Developers may be required to provide details of their track record, including past projects, financial stability, and adherence to timelines.
  • - Rationale: This criterion aims to ensure that developers with a proven track record of delivering projects on time and meeting quality standards are given preference and instills confidence in potential homebuyers.
4. Project Financial Details:
  • - Criteria: Developers need to provide comprehensive financial details of the project during the registration process.
  • - Rationale: Ensures transparency in financial transactions related to the project, preventing diversion of funds and promoting accountability.
5. Clear Title of Land:
  • - Criteria: Developers must have a clear and marketable title for the land on which the project is proposed.
  • - Rationale:
  • This ensures that the project is not entangled in legal disputes over land ownership, protecting the interests of homebuyers.
6. Provision for Project Delays:
  • - Criteria: Developers are required to disclose any delays in past projects during the registration process.
  • - Rationale: Provides transparency to potential homebuyers about the developer's past performance in terms of project completion timelines.

Documents Required for RERA Registration

  • PAN card
  • Legal title deed confirming the promoter’s claim on the land with the proposed project.
  • Details of the parking slots available in the real estate project.
  • The land’s encumbrance certificate
  • The project’s commencement Certificate
  • Details of the project like layout plan, sanction plan, and location details
  • The development plan you will execute in the project
  • Previous experience as a promoter like details of prior projectst

RERA Registration Process

1. Preliminary Preparation:
  • - Developer Eligibility Check: Ensure that your project meets the criteria for RERA registration, considering factors such as size, approvals, and completion status.
  • - Document Compilation: Gather all necessary documents, including project details, financial statements, land title documents, and your track record as a developer.
2. Online Application:
  • - Visit RERA Portal: Access the official RERA portal for the respective state where your project is located.
  • - Create an Account: Register on the portal and create an account as a developer.
  • - Fill Application Form: Complete the online application form, providing accurate details about the project, developer, and other required information.
  • - Upload Documents: Upload scanned copies of all relevant documents, ensuring they meet the specified criteria.
3. Payment of Fees:
  • - Application Fee: Pay the required RERA registration fees online through the portal.
  • - Verification of Payment: Verify the payment status on the portal to proceed with the registration process.
4. Online Updates and Project Progress:
  • - Regular Updates: Periodically update the project's status and progress on the RERA portal.
  • - Completion Details: Provide timely information about project milestones, possession status, and other relevant updates.
5. Renewal of Registration:
  • - Renewal Application: Renew the RERA registration as required by the state-specific regulations.
  • - Submission of Updated Information: Provide any updated project information or changes in the developer's status during the renewal process.

Online Application vs. Offline Application

Advantages of Online RERA Registration:1. Convenience:
  • - Advantage: Online registration allows developers to complete the process from anywhere with an internet connection, reducing the need for physical presence.
  • - Time-Saving: The online process is generally faster, enabling developers to submit documents and information efficiently.
2. Real-Time Updates:
  • - Transparency: Developers can track the status of their application in real-time, ensuring transparency in the approval process.
  • - Instant Confirmation: Online systems provide immediate confirmation of fee payments and application submissions.
3. Document Management:
  • - Efficiency: Uploading and managing documents online is more streamlined, reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.
  • - Accessibility: Authorised personnel can access uploaded documents instantly, facilitating quicker verification.
4. Cost-Effective:
  • - Reduced Expenses: Online registration eliminates the need for physical documentation, postage, and travel expenses, resulting in cost savings for developers.
  • Advantages of Offline RERA Registration:
1. Face-to-Face Interaction:
  • - Clarity: Developers can seek clarifications and guidance directly from regulatory authorities, leading to better understanding of the process.
  • - Personalized Assistance: Offline processes may involve interactions with officials who can provide personalised assistance.
2. Accessibility for All:
  • - Inclusive: Offline registration methods may be more accessible for individuals who face challenges with technology or internet access.
  • - Local Availability: Physical registration centers in local jurisdictions can cater to a wider audience.
3. Assurance:
  • - In-Person Verification: Some developers may prefer the assurance of submitting documents physically and having them verified in person.
  • - Document Submission: Original document submission may be required in some cases, and an offline process facilitates this requirement.

Importance of RERA Certificate

1. Legal Compliance:
  • - RERA registration is a legal mandate for real estate projects, ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines.
2. Consumer Trust:
  • - The certificate provides transparent project information, instilling trust in buyers and investors.
3. Credibility and Accountability:
  • - Enhances developer credibility, showcasing commitment to transparency, accountability, and quality standards.
4. Consumer Protection:
  • - Establishes a grievance redressal mechanism, offering legal recourse for buyers and ensuring consumer protection.
5. Marketability and Brand Image:
  • - RERA registration boosts marketability, attracting informed buyers and building a positive brand image.
6. Investor Confidence:
  • - Mitigates risks for investors, ensuring project approval and financial discipline through escrow accounts.
7. Marketing Advantage:
  • - Transparent advertising with registration details provides a marketing edge in a competitive market.
8. Timely Possession and Delivery:
  • - Signifies the commitment to timely project completion, reducing uncertainty and attracting buyers.
rera Certificate

RERA Compliance and Reporting

RERA imposes stringent compliance requirements and reporting obligations on registered real estate projects to ensure transparency and protect the interests of homebuyers. Developers are obligated to regularly update the project status, financial details, and completion timelines on the official RERA portal. This reporting mechanism provides real-time information to the regulatory authority and potential buyers, fostering a transparent real estate market. Non-compliance with reporting requirements can lead to severe consequences, including fines, penalties, and even the suspension or revocation of the RERA registration. The regulatory authority may also take legal action against the developer for failing to adhere to the prescribed guidelines. Developers must diligently comply with reporting obligations to maintain the credibility of their projects, avoid legal repercussions, and uphold the principles of accountability set forth by RERA. Overall, RERA's emphasis on compliance and reporting contributes to a more responsible and trustworthy real estate sector.

RERA Authority and Dispute Resolution

The RERA authority serves as a crucial mediator in resolving disputes between buyers and developers in the real estate sector. Adhering to RERA regulations is essential for developers, as any deviations can lead to penalties and erode buyer trust. The dispute resolution mechanism offered by RERA ensures a fair and efficient process, providing a quicker resolution to conflicts and contributing to a transparent and trustworthy real estate market. In essence, RERA's role in dispute resolution reinforces developer accountability and promotes a healthier real estate ecosystem.


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Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • How long does it take to complete RERA registration?

    After submitting the RERA application, you must wait for at least five business days. Having errors or inconsistencies in the application can result in the process taking longer. You can avoid such issues with assistance from a RERA license Registration Company.

  • Is RERA registration necessary?

    You must comply with the rules of the country while running a construction company. RERA registration is mandatory when you wish to earn the trust of customers. RERA registration can help developers or brokers to deliver the project on time.

  • Is the RERA Act applicable to smaller projects?

    Earlier, buildings and projects exceeding five hundred square meters (500 sq meters) with more than eight apartments on the premise required RERA registration. At present, a smaller project with less than 500 square meters and a project having less than or up to eight apartments require RERA registration.

  • Is the RERA Act applicable to both residential and commercial projects?

    The RERA bill covered only residential projects. However, RERA Act has now added commercial projects to its guidelines. Therefore, buildings, offices, and shops also come under the RERA Act due to various amendments

  • Why choose us for RERA registration?

    We can help you complete RERA registration online without inconsistencies or errors that can drag the process for a long time. With our dedicated support, you can acquire the registration without facing difficulties.