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India has implemented Goods and Services Tax for all businesses operating in the country. According to the GST Act, a company or business must file GST returns. Due to doubts regarding the registration method, you may have filled out GST forms wrong. You can apply for GST cancellation to correct the errors and apply with the correct details. A cancellation becomes necessary when you have discontinued your business or converted the business.

A business with less than twenty lakhs annual turnover can also apply for cancellation. We can provide you with the GST cancellation service to ensure you avoid paying taxes unnecessarily. A change in the constitution of your company or business like changing a private limited company to a public limited company can also lead to cancelling the GST registration.

When you seek GST registration cancellation service from our experts, we offer all guidance to make the process hassle-free. However, you must consider a lot before seeking GST cancellation. A company or business with cancelled GST registration can face heavy penalties when the authorities find it running or offering services to customers.


What Are The Requirements for GST Registration Cancellation ?

When you apply for GST registration Cancellation, you must submit some documents with the required application. The documents include:

  • Your business address, official email ID, and registered mobile number

  • The reason you have applied for GST registration termination and the ideal date to implement termination

  • Details of your last GST returns

  • The GST registration details of a new entity when you have de-merged, merged, or transferred the existing business

  • The information regarding the tax payable in your business such as capital and input stock and the finished/semi-finished input available.

We can help you gather all information to ensure you can complete the GST Registration Cancellation Online without hassles.

Why Choose Legal Dev For GST Registration Cancellation ?

Legal Dev is a reputed GST Registration Cancellation Company offering assistance to help you cancel your GST registration. Our experts can guide you by providing vital information and technicalities linked to GST surrender or cancellation. Our customized guidance can make the process less stressful. You can save time and effort with our help. We are the best GST Registration Cancellation Provider meeting customer satisfaction.

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