Income Tax Notice Response

There are several reasons for getting a GST Notice from GST Department due to improved monitoring by Govenrment and Department.

ome reasons of getting a GST Notice from GST Department are- Input Credit Mismatch, Non Filling of GST Returns, wrong information in e-way bills can also result in getting a notice from the Department, apart from these while transporting goods you have attached e-way bills and other important documents or not can also be one of the reasons of getting a GST Notice. Input mismatch or wrong input taken if any other issue arise then you are liable to get a GST Notice from the Department.

When you get such notice you should collect all the documents and informations asked in the notice given by the Department.

You should provide all this information to our expert so they can form an adequate reply for that notice. You should not take these notices lighly and seek a proper guidence if you want to avoid any situation of creating a big liability or any severe actions taken by Department against you. Don't worry we are here to solve your problem.


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Documents Required for Account Opening Resolution

Every business must comply with the GST registration company India rules and regulations. The taxpayer can get the registration to distinguish their business from others. A new GST registration company can get a unique 15-digit registration number. This unique number known commonly as the GST Identification Number or GSTIN can provide complete details about the business. The central government provides this number to a taxpayer when they apply for the unique number with the following documents:

  • Pan Card

  • Copy of Property Paper (if self owned Property)

  • Latest Bank Statement (should not be older than two months)

  • Electricity Bill (should not be older than two months)

  • Aadhar card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License of the Director

  • NOC (if Parents owned Property)

  • Lates Passport Size Photograph

  • Rent Agreement

Let's Clear All Doubts !

  • What is GST Notice?

    Income tax notice is served to Assesee(tax payer) by Income Tax Department when there is discrepancy, mistake ,error, Mismatch in tax credit, Inadvertent/wilfull non-disclosure of income, non-disclosure of assets , notices for high value transaction noticed in income tax return filed or non filing of income tax return. There are various types of Income tax notices, issued by the Income Tax Department.Some of these notices can be of general enquiry nature and some can be of detailed enquiry nature. You should not ignore these notices. You should send a proper reply on time for the notice given by the Department.

  • What to do when I receive a notice from GST Department?

    Don't panic or ignore the notice from Income Tax Department. Make sure the notice is issued on your PAN Card number only. Instead, find out why exactly a notice has been sent to you and the implications according to the section mentioned in the notice. Gather the documents corresponding with the transaction that the department had identified. And consult with us on the matter.

  • Why do I get notice?

    There can be many reasons like- defualt in filing GST returns, Mismatch in GST returns or Verifying Pre-GST Claims.

  • Is responding to GST Notice is necessary?

    Yes, responding is necessary in every case otherwise you have to face the consequences stated in the Notice.

  • Within how many days I should respond to the notice?

    Generally, 30 days are given for reply by post or in person or upto specified period in the notice.