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The increased competition in the market has resulted in businesses taking steps to ensure they stay one step ahead of the others. You must also make your business unique and different from the others offering the same products/services. Getting a trademark can aid in distinguishing your business from others. Trademark refers to using a unique design, symbol, phrase, or word in your business that can distinguish your business from others.

You can use the trademark as the business identity or as a part of the trade logo or name. You must register a trademark to get the necessary legal protection. However, not using the trademark for a long time or not renewing it within the specified time can lead to the abandonment of the trademark. You can complete trademark renewal online with assistance from experts.

With the best trademark renewal online India services from Legal Dev, you can get the trademark name, logo, symbol, or label. It complies with the Trade Marks Act passed in 1999. You must complete the renewal process within six months of your trademark expiry date. Failing to renew the trademark within the suggested six months after the expiry date can lead to removing your business trademark from the Register of Trademarks.


Process &RequiredDocumentsfor Completing Trademark Renewal Online

ou can apply for Trademark Renewal with our expert assistance. You can apply to the Indian Trade Marks Registry. When the application meets the specified requirements suggested by Indian law, you get the trademark renewed. The documents must satisfy the legal criteria specified to renew the trademark. You must submit the following documents for processing:

  • A copy of the applicant’s PAN card

  • Address proof of the applicant (Voter ID or Driver license, or Passport)

  • The power of attorney submitted by the applicant’s attorney if some other person files on your behalf. (Bank statement or electricity bill or telephone bill)

  • A copy of the trademark registration certificate issued by the Registry of Trademark

  • Certificate of incorporation

Get Our Expert Trademark Renewal Service to Renew Your Trademark

You can get our Trademark Renewal Service to uncomplicate the process. Renewing a trademark can become complex without assistance from experts. Our professionals with experience can help restore your trademark which can become a valuable asset to your business. It will help promote your business and make you reliable in the eyes of your customers. We help you by providing the necessary information to make informed decisions. We are the best Online Trademark Renewal Service in India assisting you at each step to ensure you can complete the renewal process without facing complications.

Let’s Clear All Doubts !

  • What is the difference between registering for a trademark and renewing the trademark?

    You can get exclusive rights for intellectual property, words, or symbols with trademark registration. However, trade mark renewal helps continue the use of the trademark and the ownership of the words, symbols, or inventions.

  • Does the trademark last forever?

    No, trademark registration does not last forever. You must apply for Trademark Renewal after ten years. When you fail to renew the trademark, it gets removed from the register. It allows others to claim the trademark name or symbol and register it in their name.

  • What will happen when you fail to renew the trademark?

    Failure to complete Trade Mark Renewal Online can lead to the expiration or termination of the trademark registration. You must take assistance from the experts to submit the necessary documents and payment to complete the renewal process. Trademark expiration can lead to restarting the application procedure from scratch to get the protection of the trademark.

  • Is it possible to renew the trademark online?

    A registered trademark can expire after ten years. You must apply for trademark renewal after ten years to keep the business trademark permanent. It is possible to apply for renewal of a trademark online or offline with the assistance of experts. You must consider applying for trademark renewal within six months of the expiry of the trademark registration.

  • Why choose us?

    Legal Dev has a reputation as the best trademark renewal Provider who can simplify the complicated process. We can offer guidance to renew the trademark without facing difficulties. Our experts have the skill and expertise to provide information regarding the steps needed to complete the renewal process without delay.