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A business has financial dealing with vendors and other people. Most businesses rely on cheques to complete the financial transaction. However, when you present the cheque to the bank, it can get accepted or rejected. Rejection of the cheque can result in a cause of concern. When the bank returns the cheque without paying due to various reasons, you must take legal action. A cheque bounce case can become a legal issue when the drawer’s account lacks sufficient funds. Other issues occurring due to overwriting, mismatch of the figures on the cheque, or wrong signatures are easily managed without legal intervention.

The cheque return case comes under Section 138 of the 1881 Negotiable Instruments Act. When you receive a cheque that does not pay the specified amount, you can follow two options. You can send the cheque issuer a demand notice.

When the issuer fails to respond to the notice after fifteen days, you must file a complaint in court. To ensure you complete the filing process without errors, you can get the check bounce penalty service from experts like Legal Dev. When you file a case with assistance from experts, you can get favourable results.

Cheque bounce

Documents Needed for Cheque Bounce Case

Cheque bouncing has become common in the country. It is one of the most common offenses in the financial world. When you are planning to file a complaint against the cheque issuer, you must prepare an application with all necessary documents. You can get expert services to complete Cheque bounce legal documentation. It includes the following:

  • The original cheque issued by the person

  • The bank’s memo containing the reason why the bank refused payment

  • An affidavit containing evidence of the case

  • A copy of the demand notice sent by the applicant and original receipts

When you get expert assistance, you can get Cheque bounce case solution ideal for your situation. You can take the best steps to intimate the cheque issuer regarding the legal action you plan to take due to non-payment immediately.

Why Choose Legal Dev for Check Bounce Legal Help?

Legal Dev can provide check bounce legal help to clients who have no know knowledge of how to proceed with the case. You can get expert assistance to collect the necessary evidence needed to get a favourable judgment. We offer the best Business Cheque Bounce Case Solution services without delay.

Let’s Clear All Doubts!

  • How long should you wait before filing a complaint against the drawer regarding the non-payment of the cheque?

    You can wait for fifteen days before filing a complaint with the court. Legal Dev is one of the best Cheque Bounce Case Filling Documentation services helping you get the necessary documents before filing.

  • Should you submit all documents while filing a complaint to the court?

    When you submit the complaint, you must include several documents. The documents like the original bounced cheque and the cheque return memo play a vital role in the court considering the complaint. You must also include acknowledgment receipts and an affidavit with evidence.

  • Is it possible to recover the money from the bounced cheque case?

    You can get money when you file a case under the Negotiable Instruments Act passed in 1881. Under section 138 of the Act, the court can accept your complaint and issue a summons to the accused person. When the accused fails to appear in court for the hearing, the court can issue a warrant for their arrest. You get the amount due with penalties and other charges when the court finds the accused guilty.

  • What is the validity of the bounced cheque?

    Like the valid cheque, the validity of the bounced cheque remains for six months from the date the issuer issues it. After six months, the cheque becomes invalid. You cannot encash it.

  • Why choose us?

    We offer the best Cheque Bounce Case Document Service to our clients. You get the assistance to file the application with the necessary documents to ensure you get a verdict in your favour. We have a team of experienced legal experts with knowledge of the latest laws in the country to ensure you get assistance for legal victory.