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When you are on the verge of inventing but require time to include additional improvements, you must safeguard the innovation. Usually, filing a patent for intellectual property can protect it from others stealing your innovation. However, when the intellectual property has not taken a final shape cannot get a patent. Instead, you can get submit provisional patent online application to protect the innovation. It is the patent applied for a short term with the patent office. Experts believe that filing a provisional patent can help you get a priority date or early filing once you complete the innovation. You can apply for a provisional patent once you become sure of the invention. In India, you can file for a provisional patent by yourself or with expert assistance.

With the assistance of a reputed provisional patent application service, you can complete the filing process without hassles. After a year, you can apply for a patent with details and enhancements. It is the ideal approach when you wish to safeguard the details of your invention from prying eyes. You can apply for a non-provisional patent before the provisional patent expires. Legal Dev can assist you with the requisite patent filing date once you apply for provisional patent filing. You can navigate through the demanding process with expert assistance.

Provisional Patent

Documents Needed to Apply Provisional Patent Online

The world follows the first to invent a system. You must get the patent first to prevent others from seizing your opportunity. You seek the assistance of a provisional patent service to file the provisional patent application at the earliest. Also, a provisional patent application has less stringent standards than a patent application filing. Therefore, with the help of experts, you can prepare and file the application to get a priority date for your innovation faster. We have a transparent apply provisional patent online service to help you complete the following documents needed for filing:

  • Complete Form 1 including the patent grant application

  • Form 2 provides a provisional specification

  • Complete Form 3 indicating the statement and undertaking of the foreign application

  • Forms 4 and 5

  • When using an online filing agent, complete Form 26, providing authorization to the patent agent

  • While claiming small entity status, you must submit Form 28

  • Other application materials indicating the conventions due to the assertion of priority date

  • Photos of the invention (if required)

Why Choose Legal Dev for Online Provisional Patent Service?

Legal Dev can offer the best Online Provisional Patent Service to file a provisional patent in India. We have a team of experts to provide the assistance and guidance required to draft and file the necessary documents to complete the application. Our professionals can ensure you have filed all parts of the specification needed to file a provisional patent application. By accessing the best Provisional Patent Service in India, you can safeguard your innovation and get patent registration as early as possible.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • When and why should you apply for a provisional patent application online?

    You can submit the provisional application for patent when the invention remains in the testing stage. The tentative specification can benefit the inventor as it helps them establish the priority date of their intellectual property.

  • Is it possible to sell a provisional patent?

    When you get the provisional patent, you can also obtain the rights to sell it to a third party. You can grant a license to another party to acquire the rights in the provisional patent application.

  • Does India allow provisional patent licenses?

    In India, you can file for a provisional patent application before applying for a formal patent claim. You can access a low-cost method to protect intellectual property in the interim before getting the complete patent.

  • How long is the provisional patent valid?

    The provisional patent has a validity of one year. You must include all the details about the innovation with the filing date to get the benefits of provisional patent application filing.

  • Why choose us?

    We are the reputed Provisional Patent Service Provider in the country helping clients get their provisional patent without hassles. Our experts can provide guidance to ensure you get a provisional patent without facing hurdles.