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When it comes to personal liability for the debts and obligations of a business, there is a significant difference between a proprietorship and an LLP. In a proprietorship, the proprietor is personally liable for all debts and obligations of the business. This means that if the business is unable to pay its debts or faces legal action, the proprietor's personal assets are at risk.

After the LLP Agreement is prepared, the name of the LLP needs to be reserved using the RUN-LLP facility on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website. Once the name is reserved, the incorporation documents such as the LLP Agreement, Form-2, and Form-3 need to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) within 60 days.

After filing the incorporation documents, the RoC will review and approve them, and a Certificate of Incorporation will be issued. Once the LLP is registered, the proprietorship firm will be dissolved, and all its assets and liabilities will be transferred to the LLP.

Proprietorship Liability Partnership

Required Documents &Quick converting a proprietorship firm into an LLP with Legal Dev

The process of Proprietorship to Limited Liability Partnership has been made smooth and streamlined by Legal Dev Conversion of Proprietorship Firm to LLP Service Provider. The Legal Dev has put in place a simple and straightforward procedure For Conversion of Proprietorship Firm to LLP:

Some of the documents that are required forConversion of sole proprietorship firm into LLP include:

  • Copy of the PAN card of all partners.

  • Copy of the Aadhaar card of all partners. (Voter ID or Driver license, or Passport)

  • Proof of address of all partners. (Bank statement or electricity bill or telephone bill)

  • No-objection certificate from the landlord.

  • Utility bill of the registered office.

  • Copy of the latest bank statement

  • Copy of the cancelled cheque.

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Legal Dev, as a professional legal services provider, can help ensure that business owners comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements of Convert Proprietorship to LLP in India. Our team of legal experts can guide business owners through the conversion process, ensuring that all the necessary documents and procedures are completed accurately and on time to avoid any penalties, fines or legal action.

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