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Some complex project requires additional resources, effort, and money. It needs the cooperation of two businesses to reach their common goal. Projects with no access to essential resources, money, expertise, or tools may seem like complex task. These businesses can rely on others to get the necessary resource to complete the project without problems. Established businesses can work together for this common goal. However, a verbal agreement may not bind the companies legally. In such cases, businesses can get into a joint venture agreement.

It allows access to resources to finish the project. A JV agreement can bind two businesses legally. It also provides clarity on the parameters of shared efforts. A legally-binding business agreement can include clauses pointing to profit-sharing and highlighting differences.

You can get into a joint venture agreement in India with guidance from our experienced professionals. It can help a local business collaborate with an international business. Formalizing a JV agreement may seem like a complicated process. It requires diligent research while drafting the agreement.

The agreement must include all necessary provisions and clauses to protect the interest of the companies in the JV agreement. We offer the required support and guidance to help companies get into the JV agreement without hassles.

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Documents Required for Joint Venture Agreement

A Joint Venture Company Agreement allows two or more parties to comply with the agreement to achieve a specific goal. It will help the companies gain a foothold in a new market or access innovative or sophisticated technology. Such an agreement can also help you get expert support for a project. A Joint Venture Agreement Format includes the appearance of the joint venture’s name on various documents required for the agreement. The documents needed for the process are

  • Document created by the authorized members connected to the venture or project. The document must reflect the performance of the tasks completed according to the contract.
  • Agreement of granting copyright registration to reproduce comparable work by the authorized member to another member.
  • Agreement of granting copyright registration to reproduce comparable work by the authorized member to another member.• Documents exempting members of the venture from liabilities, losses, lawsuits, fees, and other expenses incurred due to the use of drawings and designs for one or more ventures.

Why Choose Legal Dev for Joint Venture Agreement in India?

Legal Dev is the most reputed joint venture agreement service provider trying to meet the interests of both companies to feel comfortable with the JV agreement. Our legal experts can draft a JV agreement safeguarding the partnership and project. Our legal professionals with experience can prevent the drafting of a shady JV agreement. Our transparent approach will make the entire process hassle-free and uncomplicated. We are the best Joint Venture

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Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • Why should my company consider a JV agreement?

    When you have another business partner with like-minded interests regarding business, you must join hands to complete a project. While you may not require a formal agreement, the risk of falling out with the partner increases without a legal agreement. Verbal agreements can become dangerous due to non-compliance from either of the parties. Legal experts recommend getting into a formal agreement that will lower the chances of business lawsuits

  • Who can enter a joint venture?

    A joint venture refers to a partnership between companies, irrespective of their size or the type of industry they operate in. In usual cases, start-up companies join with multinationals.

  • Do you require regulatory approval to get into a JV agreement?

    You must comply with the 2013 Companies Act that regulates equity-based joint company ventures. The online joint venture agreement legal document services must also comply with the 1992 Act involved in the development and regulation of foreign trade and the 2002 competition act.

  • Is it possible to amicably terminate the JV agreement?

    When the project that prompted companies to formalize a JV agreement finishes, you can get out of the agreement amicably.

  • Why choose us?

    Legal Dev is a reputed and trusted Online Joint Venture Agreement Service Provider. Our expert team will research all legal aspects of safeguarding your business. Our experts will help you draft an agreement. It will help companies grow to greater heights without legal complications.