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Sometimes two or more like-minded people join together to form a business. The simplicity of starting a partnership firm attracts such people to start a business. A partnership firm requires only a partnership deed to commence a business. However, the owners or partners may feel like ending the partnership due to unforeseen circumstances or the impact of external forces. In such cases, they need to take steps to dissolve the partnership legally.

You must apply for the dissolution of partnership firm to avoid the liabilities from impacting you in the future. A partnership firm is not a separate legal entity in the eyes of the law. Partners and their businesses cannot separate themselves from one another. Hence, a legal dissolution becomes necessary.

You must take the step to dissolve partnership firm when someone new joins the partnership or a partner leaves the partnership (other circumstances or death). It allows other partners to continue with the business. The dissolution can end the old partnership and start the new one by reassigning the assets and liabilities of the old partnership. We help you comply with the Indian Partnership Act passed in 1932 specifying dissolution.

Dissolve Partnership Firm

Documents Required for Dissolution of Partnership Firm

The 1932 Indian Partnership Act provides guidelines for dissolving partnership firm to avoid others taking advantage of the situation. You must submit certain documents while applying for dissolution.

  • A copy of the PAN card of all the partners and the PAN number of the firm as identity proof.

  • Address proof of the registered office (rent agreement if rented). (Voter ID or Driver license, or Passport)

  • A copy of utility bills like water bills, electricity bills, gas receipts, or property tax bills. (Bank statement or electricity bill or telephone bill)

  • NOC from the landlord when you rent the office space.

  • The complete accounting information such as the financial statement of the partnership firm.

  • A statement informing legal liabilities like pending litigation involving the partnership firm.

  • Original partnership deep along with the modified versions.

  • A copy of the list of secured creditors of the partnership firm.

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Legal Dev is the expert service provider guiding you in the process of dissolution of partnership firm online in India. Our professional team can resolve compliance issues arising in your business to help you address and overcome problems. Our experienced and skilled professionals can offer best-in-class services to our clients. We have the reputation as the best dissolution of partnership firm Service provider providing value-added services to clients. With our guidance, you can comply with laws in the country.

Let's Clear All the Doubts !

  • What is the difference between the winding-up date and the dissolution date?

    The date when your partnership firm ceases to exist is known as the dissolution date. The winding-up date refers to the date when all unfinished work, completes, settlement of liabilities take place, and settle assets/liabilities. A dissolution of partnership firm Provider Company can provide you with information regarding all aspects to help make informed decisions.

  • What are the main reasons why you can take steps to dissolve a partnership?

    You need Dissolution Partnership Firm Service when you face the following scenarios: • Dissolution is required when the partnership created for a fixed term reaches the expiration date. • The partnership created for a specific objective or task reaches its fulfilment. • When one of the partners involved in the partnership dies, the partnership can come to an end.

  • What is the difference between the dissolution of a partnership and the dissolution of a partnership firm?

    Dissolution of partnership refers to the event when one of the partners involved ceases to become associated with the business. Dissolution of a firm refers to the completion of all activities with assistance from one of the best Dissolution of Partnership Firms Online in India to wind the business.

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