Online Barcode Registration Consultant Service in India

Make Identification of Business Products Easier by Applying for Barcode Registration with Expert Assistance

The industrialization has revolutionized the way businesses operate. The increase in the number of products has made it hard to keep proper track of inventory or assets. Using a sophisticated system like a barcode can help you with easy identification. When you have a supermarket, mall, clothing store, or other business requiring the identification of products, you can use a barcode. Using barcodes can also reduce errors, improve cost-effectiveness, and lower the time needed to manage inventory.

It makes it easier to manage inventory. You can apply for bar code in India with our expert assistance. We can help you get the global identification system to ensure the supply chain becomes easier to track and manage.With barcode registration, you get unique symbols containing numbers and parallel lines that your system can read using a scanner.

It can offer all information regarding the product in the database that becomes easy to retrieve. Businesses can use the barcode to manage inventory databases, track assets, and track returns. We help you apply to GS1, the non-profit organization with authorization to provide barcodes.


Documents Requirement for Barcode Registration

We can offer assistance to help you complete online barcode registration in India. You must submit the following documents to get a barcode for your business

  • A copy of the letter requesting barcode allotment

  • A copy of your PAN card

  • A copy of the audited balance sheet

  • Copy of cancelled cheque

  • A certificate of partnership/incorporation deed

  • Certificate of GST/VAT registration

  • Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association

We offer to apply bar code registration services to our clients to ensure they can run their businesses smoothly.

Why Choose Legal Dev for Bar Code Registration Service?

We at Legal Dev have an expert team to guide business owners to grow their businesses by including barcodes. We have a reputation as the best Bar Code Registration Consultant offering customized service to entrepreneurs. Our aim includes educating the business regarding the legal and regulatory requirements to access barcodes. With our support throughout the business life cycle, your business remains compliant and grows.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • Who has the authorization to issue barcodes in India?

    GS1 has the authority to manage and standardize bar codes used in India. It is the official platform for setting standards and managing the barcode standard used by manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. Many companies across twenty industries in the country use the GS1 system.

  • How does the barcode function?

    Barcode can encode vital information regarding the product like its serial number, batch number, and its unique number. You can read the information by scanning the barcode electronically using a camera-based or laser system. It facilitates the automatic identification of products and their specifications. It has resulted in revolutionizing supply chain management.

  • Which goods can use a barcode?

    You can use a barcode for all retail products except magazines, books, periodicals, or journals.

  • Do all products require separate barcodes?

    A separate barcode becomes necessary to make product identification easier. A unique barcode is assigned to products based on their shape, size, variant, weight, and flavor to make it convenient for the manufacturer or retailer to identify the uniqueness of the products.

  • Why choose us?

    We are the trusted Bar Code Registration service providers in India delivering customized services to our clients to meet their expectations.