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In India, The APEDA (Agricultural Products Export Development Authority) has the authority to promote the exports of agricultural items. It is the authoritative body issuing the certificate to your export company when you apply for APEDA registration online. This certificate gives you permission to export certain agricultural products like vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy and meat products, and other items. APEDA has a list of items that you cannot export without acquiring a valid certificate. When you apply for the registration, it makes your business compliant with the guidelines suggested in the 1985 Agricultural and Processes Food Products Export Development Authority Act.

We can help you apply APEDA registration online services to give you access to all the schemes and policies to make export goals hassle-free. APEDA also undertakes the promotion of agricultural product exports and the development of the export market for the specified products. Getting the certificate can help you enjoy the benefits. It can also help you establish and maintain trade facilities, get assistance to export agricultural products, and access innovative technologies aiding with better exports.

Registered exporters also get insurance coverage while transporting their goods for export. We can assist you in getting the registration to take advantage of other benefits offered by the authorities.

APEDA Registration

What Are The Requirements for APEDA Registration ?

We offer APEDA License Registration Service to our clients without facing difficulties. When you apply for APEDA registration online, you must submit various documents. It includes the following:

  • Details of your company's registered office, head office, and a branch office.

  • Application form duly signed and sealed

  • Self-certified copy of the IEC (Import Export Code) issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade.

  • Bank certificate in suggested format.

  • In the case of a company, a certified copy of MOA, partnership deep for partnership firms, or society/trust must have a trust deed or memorandum of rules and regulations.

  • License details by State Director of Industries or DGTD.

  • Registration details with other Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board

Why Choose Legal Dev For APEDA Registration ?

We are the most trusted APEDA License Registration Company making interaction with the government easier in simple steps. Legal Dev can complete all the applications on your company's behalf. With our expert guidance, you will get clarity on the process. It will aid in setting realistic expectations. We have a dedicated customer support team to guide you through queries and concerns.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • What are the responsibilities of APEDA?

    APEDA refers to the governing body that monitors, regulates, and develops export policies to support the agriculture sectors. This governing body can also offer consultancy services to companies involved in exporting, importing, and trading. AEPDA also conducts market research studies related to various crops.

  • When should your company apply for AEPDA registration?

    You must apply for APEDA License Registration within one month of undertaking the business by your company. You can get assistance from experts to submit the application without having confusion or doubts.

  • How long does the APEDA registration process take?

    Once you submit all the necessary documents, APEDA can take at least ten to fifteen days to complete the registration process.

  • What is the validity of APEDA registration?

    Your APEDA registration has validity for five financial years.

  • Why choose us?

    We have a proficient team guiding applicants to complete APEDA Registration Online without hassles.