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Enter into USA Market with Guidance and Expert Assistance from The Best USA Company Registration Service Provider in India

The US market remains open to entrepreneurs from various parts of the world. This market offers business options that you can use to grow to greater heights. We help you navigate the US market by providing guidance with USA company registration. You can make use of the opportunity to establish a business in the US without having the country’s citizenship. You can also get tax advantages for the business with our expert guidance.

The US economy opens doors for Indian enterprises to grow and flourish. The hospitable and favourable conditions of the US economy make it an ideal one for businesses to thrive. A non-resident Indian can make use of the conditions to their advantage for advanced growth. We help you follow the standard US procedures needed for establishing a business while complying with the laws of the country.

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Documents Required for USA Company Registration

We can help your complete company registration in USA from India by assisting in collecting the following documents:

  • The passport copies of company personnel

  • The Indian national company personnel’s PAN card

  • Appointed company personnel’s identity proof like driving license or other IDs with photos

  • The appointed company personnel’s digital signature

  • The applicant’s certificate of incorporation of business structure

  • The applicant personnel’s by-laws

  • Utility proof of office premises like municipal tax receipts, electricity bills, and water bills (not older than two months)

  • Trade name of the company

Why Choose Legal Dev to Register Company In USA

Registering company in USA remains an ambitious task. You must go through a complex and complicated process to register company in USA. Legal Dev can help you navigate through the ubiquitously complicated legal process of company registration in the USA. We have an expert team to guide you and complete the company registration in the USA from India without facing severe roadblocks.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • What do you mean by a US-incorporated company?

    A US-incorporated company refers to a business entity formed in a state of the US complying with their specific laws. You can complete Online Company Registration in USA from India to provide protection to the shareholders by separating the liabilities and obligations of the owners. It allows growth and expansion of the company.

  • What is the US company registration number?

    US company registration number refers to the certification number obtained by a newly incorporated entity in the country. Using this number, it becomes easier to identify a business operating in the US. All companies registered in the US must possess an incorporation certificate. This certificate has the company registration number that the businesses must have at their premise at all times.

  • Why should you choose a unique name for your business?

    The business name can act as a trademark for your business. Choose a unique number that will make it easier for customers to identify your business.

  • What kind of business can you register in the US?

    You can register for a limited liability or a corporation in the US.

  • Why choose us?

    We at Legal Dev have a team of experts who can simplify the task and make the company registration process simple. As the best USA Company Registration Service Provider, we can guide you through the process to complete registration without hassles.