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A small, medium, or big-sized business must register for a TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) to comply with the mandates issued by the Government of India. Businesses operating in the country must abide by the law to ensure authorities can collect or deduct taxes after the sale of their products. Indian government proposes a deduction of tax at the source (TDS) for certain products like luxury cars or liquor. In such cases, the business must declare the tax collected or deducted.

A TAN number can also help determine the TDS or TCS (Tax Collection at Source) declaration of a business, the deposits, and returns. Registering for TAN may seem like a complicated task. We can simplify it with our exceptional TAN registration service.

Some people believe that they can use PAN instead of TAN. Unfortunately, both TAN and PAN serve different purposes. While you require PAN for completing financial transactions, it may not help your business while filing for tax returns. PAN acts as identity proof. You must apply for TAN when you wish to file tax returns. Failure to get TAN can lead to a penalty.

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What Are The Requirement To Complete TAN Registration?

When you apply for TAN registration online, you must submit documents to complete the process. The documents you need to submit include :

  • Address verification proof like an Aadhar card or other acceptable documents

  • Personal information of applicant like name, address, contact information, and digital signature

  • Firm incorporation or LLP certificate

You must keep a copy of the acknowledgment slip with the information provided. TAN registration requires payment of fees. You can pay the fees via debit or credit card. You can also use the net banking option. When you choose an offline payment option like Demand Draft or challan, you must provide the NSDL-TIN number to the NSDL office.

Why Choose Legal Dev For TAN Registration Online ?

Legal Dev keeps up-to-date information on the steps to get TAN registration. We are the dedicated Online TAN Registration Company to guide you in the right direction to complete the process. Our experts help you enter accurate information to simplify the process. Our expert team with experience in dealing with registration can offer support to complete the process without delay.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • When can you get TAN after applying?

    NSDL can process online TAN applications within seven to ten days. Offline applications may take a longer time to complete.

  • Who assigns the TAN registration?

    You must apply to the TIN facilitation centre when applying offline. You can also apply online. It comes under the jurisdiction of NSDL. You get the TAN assigned to your business by the income tax department.

  • What happens when you fail to get TAN?

    Not complying with the laws and failing to complete TAN registration online or offline can lead to a penalty of ten thousand rupees.

  • Can a company with various branches need a separate TAN?

    You must apply for a unique TAN for each branch of the company.

  • Why choose us?

    We are the reputed TAN Registration Services in India offering on-time services to our clients without delay. Our expert team can help you submit all documents required to get the registration.