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Every person likes to generate a good income for a comfortable life. Apart from working, you may also use other options to generate money every month. People owning additional houses can rent them out to others to get extra money. Earning from rental income has become a common source of passive income. However, you must maintain caution while choosing tenants. Irresponsible tenants can make your life a nightmare. When dealing with such tenants, you may wish to vacate them from the premises. You can send an eviction notice to prompt the tenants to vacate premises of the rented property.

It is the formal intimation providing insight into the landlord’s intention. It can also give the tenants time to find a new place to stay. A legal notice can work well unlike other options.

We assist landlords send legal notice tovacate premises. It is the ideal step to take when you have a bullying tenant. Such tenants may not vacate the premises without causing a nuisance to the landlord. In India, such situations have more prevalence. It requires legal intervention to vacate the tenant who stays forcefully on the premises.

A landlord can exercise the right to repossess their property to evict the tenant by filing a suit. We can provide guidance to send a notice to the tenant that will help you legally.

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Document Required to Send Notice to Vacate Premises

You must submit various documents to send the tenant a Legal Notice for vacating premises of the rented place. To initiate the eviction process in the court, you must submit the following:

  • A title deed/sales deed/ other documents establishing the applicant as the owner of the property

  • Lease agreement copy between the tenant and the landlord

  • Previous rent agreements or lease agreements between the previous tenants and the landlord

  • A copy of the legal notice sent to the tenant

  • Original postal receipts of notice sent

  • Other documents providing information regarding the tenancy

  • Any documented proof establishing the misconduct of the tenant

We help in navigating through the legal complication involved in sending eviction notices to troublesome tenants to get favourable results..

Why Choose Legal Dev to Send Eviction Notice to Vacate Premises?

We at Legal Dev maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality while serving our clients. We are the best Vacate premises notice provider offering absolute clarity on the steps involved in making the tenant vacate the rented houses.

Let’s Clear All Doubts!

  • Is it possible to send a notice to the tenant to vacate before the lease term ends?

    You can send the notice to the party when you have sufficient cause to make them vacate the property. It is also possible when there exists a criminal charge against the party due to threatening the property or the neighbourhood. Criminal charges can lead to generating immediate vacating notice before the lease period ends.

  • Is it possible for the landlord to evict the tenant without a court order?

    The landlord can evict the tenant without a court order when the rental agreement terms and condition includes it. Violation of terms and conditions specified by the landlord can result in eviction. If the tenant refuses to vacate, the landlord can approach the court to obtain an eviction order.

  • How long can a tenant go without paying rent before the landlord decides to take an eviction order?

    The delay in rent payment can give the landlord a valid reason to evict the tenant. When the rent becomes overdue, the landlord can start the eviction process. With help from experts, a landlord can access vacate premises notice template to send an eviction notice without hassles.

  • How long can a landlord give time to the tenant to move from the premises?

    The landlord must give the time stipulated in the rent agreement to the tenant to evict the rented place. When the landlord has not insisted on such a provision, the landlord may give the tenant a one-month notice to evict.

  • Why choose us?

    Legal Dev can provide the best Vacate Premises Legal Documentation services to ensure landlords can move in the ideal legal direction to vacate tenants. The experts can offer guidance to ensure you can complete the process without complications.