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A pharmaceutical company or a business dealing with medicine or drugs cannot operate in the country without a valid drug license. Drug license registration allows the Indian government to monitor the companies operating in the field and maintain the quality of drugs sold in the country.

A valid license can help your business. It is because the drug license can build trust in the customers. It ensures your customers the safety of the drugs you sell. It also guarantees that the drugs can pose no health hazards.

The Drugs and Cosmetic Act of the country can process the drug license online registration application. Getting the license means you comply with the 1940 Drugs and Cosmetics Acts. We offer expert assistance to get the license from the state or central standard control organization.

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What Are The Requirements for Drug License ?

You must submit several documents for commercial drug license registration in India. It includes the following:

  • Certification of incorporation of your company

  • Cancelled cheque

  • ID and photo of the applicant

  • Pan/Aadhaar/other address proof

  • Resume of the competent person (CP) in the suggested format

  • Affidavit from directors

  • Partnership deed/ Memorandum and Articles of Association/LLP Agreement

  • Proof of applicant owning the place of business

  • Electricity or water bill of the property

  • Evidence indicating the rented premises

  • No objection certificate from the owner of the property

  • Site plan of the proposed premises of business attested by a mapmaker or architect

We can provide Drug License Registration Service to ensure you can complete all the requirements to get the license without delay.

Why Choose Legal Dev For Drug License ?

Drug License Registration in India becomes simple and hassle-free with the assistance of experts at Legal Dev. We have a competent team providing our expert assistance to help companies get their license and operate smoothly.

Let's Clear All The Doubts !

  • Do you require a drug license to start a pharmacy business in India?

    You must apply online for drug license registration in India to operate a pharmacy business. It is a mandatory procedure. Without a license, your business cannot run in the country.

  • What does "restricted drug license" mean?

    It means the license issued to applicants wishing to sell drugs without the supervision of a competent or qualified person.

  • What license must companies possess to deal with cosmetics in India?

    In India, The Drugs Controller General is the licensing authority granting registration certificates to companies. It is also the authoritative body regulating the import of cosmetics in the country under the Drugs and Cosmetics Acts, G.S.R 426(E) Gazette notification.

  • What are the forms you must complete for drug license registration?

    Companies can complete Online Drug License Registration for the sale or distribution of drugs. They must submit Forms 20B and 21B as suggested under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules. To renew the license, you must submit Form 21C.

  • Why choose us?

    Legal Dev can assist a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in the country to comply with the laws to receive the license at the appropriate time. The expert team can help you complete the necessary process to comply with Indian laws. It will improve your reputation in the eyes of your prospective customers.